In the summer of 2010, a group of skaters (Cecily Herzig, Adrienne Sass, Brooke Wilkinson, Dyan Robinson) began skating with Central Vermont Roller Derby based in Montpelier, VT. The commute was significant, so these women began exploring options in the Upper Valley region. After some hard work and networking, a practice space was secured at Great View Roller Rink in Enfield, NH. The first open practice for the Upper Valley Vixens was held on November 12, 2010.

Over the course of the next year the league grew and elected its first board, developed bylaws and began networking with other leagues to create best practices. The Vixens held their first open scrimmage on November 12, 2011, exactly one year after the first practice. They took the win over the Burlington Bombshells, a league which has since disbanded but many of its skaters continue to play with Green Mountain Roller Derby, among other leagues.


The Vixens hosted several teams at home in Enfield, and played their first travel games in coastal Maine and Connecticut. TSD also began recruiting its first officials.


For our second full season, we moved to a new bouting venue: Union Arena in Woodstock, VT. This opportunity allowed us to schedule a full season at a time, plan ways to engage our fans, and partner with Vermont Mens Roller Derby for double header events! 2013 was also the beginning of our start of the season tradition, the Derbytante Ball, where we introduce our new skaters to our family, friends, and fans!


In 2014, with our league numbers growing, we launched our first home teams: the Green GrassKickers and White Mountain Mayhem. In this season, we also raised our level of game play by choosing challenging opponents both at home and away.


For our fourth season, we hosted a round robin mini-tournament to begin the home stand. The Vixens were victorious in that tournament, and in every other game that season except for the very first! We ended the season with a great recruitment and a surge in membership. Our coaching and training committee really started to coalesce and you could see the difference on the track. We posted our best season record, at 7-1.


In January, we received the fantastic news that we had been accepted to the WFTDA Apprentice program! We hosted our first international game, with Fog City Rollers from St. John, New Brunswick, and upped the number of competitive games in our scheduling.


To kick off our new season, we received the fantastic news that we graduated from the WFTDA Apprentice program and were accepted to the WFTDA as full members! We're traveling to our first sanctioned tournament - the Sooner Skate hosted by the Oklahoma Victory Dolls, and hosting a few home games at a new venue, the Spartan Arena in Rutland.